About us

With more than 50 years of experience

in production and distribution abrasives,


Extrom, offers the warranty of a controlled service to you, advices adapted according to your needs by our team for technical sales representatives,


Extrom, born from the merger  of the Center Abrasives (Liege) and D’Hulster (Lichtervelde) is the leader in

Belgium for all that relates to abrasion,  satin, polishing, deburring, sanding etc ...


We create, process or adapt products according to the specifications of the customer.


Present in all industrial applications  : Steel, stainless steel, special steels, wood, glass, plastics, rubber…, each one of these two companies, strong of an experiment of more than 50 years, are pressed on two workshops of production (Liege and Lichtervelde), certified:


ISO 9001 warranty of a successful organization of work, guarantee of reliability for the production.

Thanks to collaborations with the largest world producers, Extrom is able to find a solution with any specific problem of each industrial sector.


Extrom exports each year in more than 30 countries around the world and ensure deliveries from its

10,000 references in stock

in D + 1 (national) and D + 2 (international).



Extrom, it is also:

• PPE (protective equipment individual)

• Welding (welding machine and consumables)

• Custom work of any kind


But also :

• A training center for our users

• A test center

• Permanent research for improve product quality,

and / or facilitate their use.



Your main advantages:


Access to a considerably increased program of sale.

Two units of conversion and much more stocks in Liege and Lichtervelde.

Better advices and a faster troubleshooting service.

Increased capacity to solve all the engineering problems concerning the equipment and the consumable ones.

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